Losing It
Jan 31, 2009Losing It

Fau Ferdinand and Lizsolo Mathilde are looking for something most people take for granted.

Car Bibbe
Oct 18, 2008Car Bibbe

Second Front performs Al Hansen’s Car Bibbe #2 — a never-performed Fluxus score.

Large Hardon Collider
Oct 13, 2008Large Hardon Collider

Second Front builds their own custom particle collider.

Virtual Identity Theft: Are U (4) Real?
Oct 2, 2008Virtual Identity Theft: Are U (4) Real?

Second Front installs a month-long show at SF Camerawork to prove that they are "real."

De-Value the Dollar
Sep 2, 2008De-Value the Dollar

Second Front celebrates their GTA heist with a money burn.

Iron Lung Grand Prix
Jun 30, 2008Iron Lung Grand Prix

Second Front drives custom Lungsters to address the smoking ban in Amsterdam.

Jul 4, 2008Pong

The Gods play Pong!

Grand Theft Avatar
Apr 14, 2008Grand Theft Avatar

Second Front robs the Linden Treasury to liberate trapped Lynden Dollars.

The Haledol Dreams of the Minotaure
Mar 17, 2008The Haledol Dreams of the Minotaure

The minotaure is locked in a padded cell along with inmates and cruel nurses.

Wall-ker Art Center
Feb 9, 2008Wall-ker Art Center

Second Front becomes the walls.

Art Basel Miami Vice
Dec 6, 2007Art Basel Miami Vice

Second Front makes fun of the Miami nightlife, with convertibles and cocaine.

Wrath of Kong
Nov 3, 2007Wrath of Kong

Second Front Takes Manhattan, mixing King Kong with Donkey Kong.

Oct 20, 2007Nitsch

Second Front gets messy in a Hermann Nitsch theatrical installation.

The Gate
Oct 4, 2007The Gate

The Gate is an installation connecting real life and Second Life.

28 Avatars Later
Aug 2, 200728 Avatars Later

Zombie Attack! We got some bad blood and infected other avatars.

Pizza SLut!
May 23, 2007Pizza SLut!

Second Front starts a custom pizza delivery service.

Tower of Babelfish
Apr 13, 2007Tower of Babelfish

Second Front summons four dead performance artists but the communication doesn’t work right.

Martyr Sauce
Mar 12, 2007Martyr Sauce

Dressed in hippie garb with virtual spliffs, we intervene in the combat zones of Second Life.

Spawn of the Surreal
Feb 11, 2007Spawn of the Surreal

Second Front turns the audience into the show.

Jan 26, 2007Hazardous

Second Front responds to the federal trial of Steve Kurtz.

The Absolutely Last (and final) Supper
Jan 18, 2007The Absolutely Last (and final) Supper

This is a da Vinci Code tableaux for the 21st Century.

Border Patrol
Jan 5, 2007Border Patrol

Second Front is invited to the show and destroys the gallery.

Breaking News
Nov 29, 2006Breaking News

Second Front infiltrates the Reuters office in a text-based performance.