Featured Press Items

Feb 2008All the Web’s a Stage by Rachel Wolff, ARTnews

Performance art, gallery openings, Dumpster-diving for junk to turn into art—all of it is happening in an online world populated by computer-generated beings called avatars.

2008Digital Art, Second Edition (World of Art) by Christiane Paul

"A terrific summary of the intertwined history of art and technology." — ARTnews

This book surveys the developments in digital art from its appearance in the 1980s up to the present day, and looks ahead to what the future may hold. It explores themes addressed and raised by the art, such as viewer interaction, artificial life and intelligence, political and social activism, networks and telepresence, as well as issues such as the collection, presentation, and preservation of digital art.

Mar 1, 2007Second Front: A Leap into the Void by Domenico Quaranta, Rhizome

Commisioned by Rhizome, an interview with Second Front conducted by Domenico Quaranta, noted Italian art critic and curator focused on New Media Art.